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Rally to The Galley to enjoy some of our new favorite food options!As the needs of our local St. Pete crowd shifts, so must our menu! We are doing this by adding in some more exciting healthy options as well as tasty treats that can liven up any morning, noon, night, or even late night. Whether you are ready or not, we’re about to dive into a few of our favorite new items to get your mouth watering and spark thoughts about your next meal at The Galley! 

Snacks and Starters

The best way to kick off an epic meal? With a delicious app that will make even the saltiest sea captain grin. Here are a few of our new additions:
  • Black Bean Hummus - This fresh and vibrant dish is ideal for someone looking to enjoy a tasty app without having to worry about any extra calories. It is simply comprised of house made black bean hummus topped with pico de gallo, Cuban bread, and raw veggies.
  • Loco Coco Shrimp - What is Florida without seafood?! This dish is nothing but six coconut-crusted shrimp paired with a flavorful sweet Thai chili dipping sauce. If you love sweet and spicy, this is a match made in heaven.

Salads, Soups, and Bowls

Looking for some lighter fare? We’ve got exactly what you’re looking for and you don’t need a crow’s nest to find it! Here’s how we’re mixing it up:
  • T.B. Taco Salad - Adore Mexican food but aren’t feeling regular tacos or even a burrito? This is the meal for you! It is romaine, black beans, cheddar-jack cheese, pico de gallo, and sour cream in a deep-fried tortilla bowl. The perfect lunch? We think so!
  • T.B. Tomato Bisque - When was the last time you’ve heard of a vegan tomato bisque? Never? We thought so and are proud to add it to our menu! This delicious roasted garlic tomato soup is made with almond milk, which provides a nice and smooth texture. It is ideal with our 7 Grain Grilled Cheese!


Staple Sands

A sandwich is the perfect food whether you’re chilling in the Florida sun or are on the go! Here are some of the new dishes that we have to offer in this category!
  • Bayside Beyond Burger - Another vegan option? Oh yeah! This plant-based burger on a pretzel bun is topped with romaine, Roma tomato, and vegan ranch. It is a great addition to our vegan pub burger and vegan buffalo sand!


The heart and soul of any tasty meal is a rockstar of a main dish and we embrace this at The Galley. With this in mind, we added this next dish to our menu. It is a unique twist on a local favorite and pays homage to all of the amazing seafood available in our area!
  • Mojo Grouper - What is Florida without Grouper? Nothing we know! Nothing but a 6 Oz. pan-seared Mojo Gulf Grouper over beans n’ rice with pico de gallo and broccoli. If you want to taste one of the local delicacies, this for sure is it! 

Sweets By Swah-Rey

You can’t have an awesome meal without topping it off with a fresh dessert! Since quality is everything to us, we sailed our way right up the road to Swah-Rey, an amazing local dessert shop that has a ton of fantastic options. We have many of their items on our menu including Key Lime Cheesecake and Sailor Jerry Rum Cake but we will be adding seasonal desserts that highlight amazing flavors that pair with special times of the year. 

Don’t Forget About Brunch

Let’s show a little love for a few of our favorite days - Saturday and Sunday! On these days, St. Pete locals can enjoy a tasty, new exciting dish:
  • Sunday Chik’n Biscuit - The perfect morning meal for a Southern Belle or even an old scallywag. This one is Southern Fried Chicken and American Cheese on a buttered biscuit. Sound familiar to the sandwich available at a large restaurant chain that isn’t open on Sundays?! We thought so. This dish is simple yet flavorful and you can’t beat that in our book!
With all of these new items, many of our trusted favorites arce still available such as the Don Pollo sandwich and T.B. crab cake. We invite you to stop by our #HometownPub the next time you are in downtown St. Pete to give each of these a go, enjoy the sunshine, and maybe a few tantalizing cocktails as well!There’s always something going on at The Galley, so follow us on social media and stay tuned to our events and live music pages! 

The Galley expands with “The Ship’s Hold” on St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

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Galley owners

Over two years ago, Ian Taylor and Pete Boland had a vision. Many suspected the block just north of central along 4th Street was an unlikely location for St. Pete’s next local hotspot. But they knew better. Today, The Galley is an entrenched haunt for locals who enjoy great food, fantastic drinks, and the best social atmosphere around…And better yet, The Galley’s reputation as “thee” locals pub continues to grow.

Besides a wide range of beverages and a locally inspired menu, one of our specialties at The Galley is hosting events. Sometimes they’re for holidays, sometimes they’re for sports games, and sometimes they’re just for the sake of well, having fun. Still, even when there’s...

Food can tell a story. It can reveal the history of a place, cultures that influenced the area, and how people adapted to its environment. Floridian food is no exception. The north end of our state is more “southern†than the south part of our state....

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