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Next door attached to The Galley you’ll find “The Ship’s Hold†a cocktail lounge with a twist that opened in March of 2019 serving fine craft cocktails and a mighty selection of rum rations. Shaking things up behind the bar are two top mixologists who know how to take it to the next level with their very own take on tiki classics and mixing up their own original libations. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to meet the experts.

The Galley expands with “The Ship’s Hold” on St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

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Galley owners

Over two years ago, Ian Taylor and Pete Boland had a vision. Many suspected the block just north of central along 4th Street was an unlikely location for St. Pete’s next local hotspot. But they knew better. Today, The Galley is an entrenched haunt for locals who enjoy great food, fantastic drinks, and the best social atmosphere around…And better yet, The Galley’s reputation as “thee” locals pub continues to grow.

Though it might still feel like the dog days of summer in Florida, a slight hint of morning crispness in the air let’s you know fall is right around the corner. And what’s one of the best things about fall (besides football, of course)? Oktoberfest!...

Besides a wide range of beverages and a locally inspired menu, one of our specialties at The Galley is hosting events. Sometimes they’re for holidays, sometimes they’re for sports games, and sometimes they’re just for the sake of well, having fun. Still, even when there’s...

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