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Besides a wide range of beverages and a locally inspired menu, one of our specialties at The Galley is hosting events. Sometimes they’re for holidays, sometimes they’re for sports games, and sometimes they’re just for the sake of well, having fun. Still, even when there’s...

Every bar should have the cocktail staples. You have your martini, whiskey sour, gin and tonic, mint julep, and the list goes on. This is just the main fleet. It’s their custom cocktails that is the real flagship. These are the drinks that are not...

Sailors are known for having quite a “colorful” vocabulary. Maybe, even after you’ve had a few, you’ve been told that you have a “mouth of a sailor.” It happens. Being away at sea for long periods of time,with no company but one another, sailors also...

Food can tell a story. It can reveal the history of a place, cultures that influenced the area, and how people adapted to its environment. Floridian food is no exception. The north end of our state is more “southern” than the south part of our state....

6/15 T2X Karaoke  9pm 6/16 Tim Hutchinson 6pm-10pm DJ SugarBear 10pm-3am 6/17 Jimmy Griswold 8pm-12am 6/18 Tony Castellano Jr. 5pm-9pm 6/19 Timeless Trivia 6:30ish to 8:30ish 6/22 T2X Karaoke  9pm 6/23 Will Erickson 6pm-10pm DJ SugarBear 10pm-3am 6/24 Ryan Carney 8pm-12am 6/25 Tony Castellano Jr. 6/26 Timeless Ent Trivia 6:30ish to 8:30ish 6/29 T2X Karaoke  9pm 6/30 Jimmy Griswold  6pm-10pm DJ SugarBear  10pm-3am...

When I was a kid, my class took a field trip to San Francisco, where we spent the day "working" on an old wooden ship. We performed a variety of tasks, from swabbing the decks, to prepping meals in the galley to what I recall being a lot of stuff involving ropes. In a hazy soup of childhood memories this Gasparilla weekend, it strikes me as especially vivid. I've always daydreamed about spending long periods of time at sea.
Founded by two St. Petersburg natives, The Galley will offer fresh Florida food. By Amanda Lamela (Patch Staff) - Updated November 21, 2016 6:58 pm ET ST. PETERSBURG, FL – When it comes to St. Petersburg, Pete Boland and Ian Taylor are about as native as it gets. The longtime friends first met when on the St. Petersburg High School wrestling team. The pair have been involved in the hospitality scene at the tip of Pinellas County for years. Now the two are teaming up to open a new establishment in downtown St. Pete.