The Galley
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The Galley

The Ship’s Hold: Meet The Experts Shaking Things Up

Next door attached to The Galley you’ll find “The Ship’s Hold†a cocktail lounge with a twist that opened in March of 2019 serving fine craft cocktails and a mighty selection of rum rations.

Shaking things up behind the bar are two top mixologists who know how to take it to the next level with their very own take on tiki classics and mixing up their own original libations. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to meet the experts.

Move over, Tom

Sure, Tom Cruise knew how to put on a good show in the movie “Cocktailâ€. And sure, the girls seemed to love him. But hey, have you met Rob and Joey?



Rob Camera


 is a Florida native who knows how to think outside the creative box with a well-balanced cocktail. His creation of ‘An Indispensable Choke’ proves just that.

Inspired by Chuck Palahniuk’s novel, Choke, Rob always loved the line:

“What I want is to be needed. What I need is to be indispensable to somebody. Who I need is somebody that will eat up all my free time, my ego, my attention.â€

“It’s suggestive. It’s fun,†smiles Rob as he mixes the artichoke digestif Cynar, rum, and a homemade pear shrub in this remarkable drink. It’s sexy. It’s sophisticated. It’s genius.




Joey Frasco

Joey is what you’d call a centered expert, and tiki drink culture is a specialty. The seed of the idea for the cocktail ‘Coyote Chilling on a Cigarette’ came to him while vacationing on a yacht off Croatia. Hey, some guys get all the luck.

A line from a Colter Wall song, Sleeping on a Blacktop, really spoke to him. Next thing you know, he’s mixing mezcal, Ancho Reyes chili liquor, Nonino, absinthe, cucumber, and black pepper.

It’s smoky. It’s cool. It’s a masterpiece.


Precious Cargo

Rum is a favorite in “The Holdâ€, so it’s no wonder that it’s our most precious cargo. The décor will remind you of being below decks in the cargo hold of a 19th century Navy Rum Runner, with a nautical chart of the Caribbean where many of the rums originate, and over 800 square feet of an elegant, chilled atmosphere.

If you love rum, we’ve got a dazzling array to send you to rum paradise. In our Captain’s Log (our cocktail menu) you’ll notice our Spotlight on Jamaica which highlights the funky flavors of British style rums, which include: our staff recommended rum choices.

Not in the mood for rum? The Hold has you spoiled for choice – try something from The Locker, Stirred & Boozy, Spotlight on Amaro, or The Wheelhouse.

GalleyStill, looking for a new favorite? ‘Fire and Brimstone’ is a must-try. Inspired by the classic gin cocktail The Swizzler, we serve it up and use winter flavors like Rosemary. We use the French spirit Green Chartreuse (that’s 110 proof, folks!), gin, Aperol, homemade Falernum, lemon, and our special cherry syrup made in-house. When we set it on fire to release those aromatics and you get the scent of the Rosemary, you’ll see why this drink is such a winner.

Full Steam Ahead

So, what can we expect in The Ship’s Hold in 2021? Rob and Joey & the team are going full steam ahead with cocktails to impress. They’re already planning their next round of seasonal drinks for summer. They love pickled and seasonal fruits and elements, so no doubt they’ll be wowing us by featuring some deep, complex cocktails to cool us down and get the party started.


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