The Galley
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Ship's Hold

A St. Pete Tavern is expanding with more space, more bar, and a lot more Rum!

The Galley expands with “The Ship’s Hold” on St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Galley owners

Over two years ago, Ian Taylor and Pete Boland had a vision. Many suspected the block just north of central along 4th Street was an unlikely location for St. Pete’s next local hotspot. But they knew better. Today, The Galley is an entrenched haunt for locals who enjoy great food, fantastic drinks, and the best social atmosphere around…And better yet, The Galley’s reputation as “thee” locals pub continues to grow.

In fact, The Galley’s popularity is so great that an expansion of the space will open soon to accommodate the growing needs of The Galley’s guests. Set to open this week for St. Patrick’s Day,

The Ship’s Hold will open adjacent to The Galley as an extended space offering the finest in craft cocktails and a huge collection of fine rum rations in an atmosphere reminiscent of the cargo hold of a 19th Century Navy Rum Runner. From private events to public happy hours, The Hold will undoubtedly add to The Galley’s existing success as a St. Pete landmark.

“When we took The Galley space over, it was a 45-seat venue. It’s always been a small dining room, but we’ve packed it out to the gills. We always knew we didn’t have enough space to do everything we wanted to do.” – Pete Boland, co-owner of The Galley.

The Hold
– Time Flies When You’re Having Rum!

The “hold” of the ship describes the lower part of a ship that holds precious cargo. And what could be more precious than some of the world’s finest rums?

Ship's Hold

 Specializing in the finest and most exotic rum available, The Hold will have an extensive offering of craft rum cocktails to enjoy. Not only will The Hold be able to accommodate The Galley’s growing number of revelers and raving fans, but it will also provide unique and tasty rum concoctions that everyone can enjoy.

In addition to craft rum cocktails, décor in The Hold includes a large vintage-style nautical chart of the Caribbean from which many of the finest rum has been produced for centuries. The Hold side of The Galley will embrace amore conversational environment ideal for small groups, events, and more intimate discussions. Not only is The Galley extending new amenities for large groups with it’s new cocktail lounge side, but it is also raising the bar for guest experience with The Hold.

“It’s just something we’ve always thought would take this business to the next level. To become this great anchor tenant on the block. We just love what we’re doing, and where we’re at. It feels really good right now.” – Pete Boland

A “Not-So” Hidden Treasure – Investing in St. Pete and the Local Community

Being born & raised St. Pete natives themselves, Taylor and Boland have witnessed first-hand the fantastic growth of Downtown St. Pete in recent decades. And as true believers in St. Pete’s culture and its people, they wanted to create a gathering place that everyone could call their own. The Galley has represented such a place since the two local owners decided to embrace their vision. Expansion into The Hold is simply providing a broader offering of that same vision to create a warm and inviting environment for locals and tourists, diners & partiers alike to share in.The Galley

The Galley offers the perfect place to catch a game, dine with friends, or meet a client over a beer. But like St. Pete, which is being increasingly recognized for its unique and incredible entertainment, The Galley has also gained increasing attention. In an effort to accommodate more patrons, the Ship’s Hold adds an extra 800+ square feet for guests to enjoy craft cocktails, special events and awesome atmosphere.

“We are very proud of the growth St. Pete is experiencing right now. It’s about more than just the weather and the beaches. It took a lot of time and effort to make St. Pete a cool place. We don’t want to be doing business anywhere else on Earth.” – Pete Boland

Make Plans to Visit The Ship’s Hold at The Galley Soon!

St. Pats

With The Hold opening this month, you will want to make plans soon to come hang and experience this new and exciting extension the best locals’ establishment in St. Pete. The Ship’s Hold will be open Wednesday through Sunday from 3pm to 3am with double-daily happy hours (3pm-6pm & 12am-3am, as well as being be able to accommodate private events for any occasion.

The Galley’s galley (kitchen on a boat) will to continue to off all the delicious offerings many in St. Pete have come to know and love. Without a doubt, The Ship’s Hold will be an excellent addition for seafarers and landlubbers alike.

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