The Galley | Top 4 Reasons to Catch a Game at The Galley
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Top 4 Reasons to Catch a Game at The Galley

Besides the warm weather, beaches, and nautical themed taverns, there’s another great reason to live in the Tampa Bay Area – SPORTS. With the Rays, Bucs, and Lightning, there’s always something in season. On top of that, St. Pete is home to the bay area’s other football team…the Rowdies, and the annual Firestone Grand Prix. Plus, we’re in no shortage of college teams along with their devout followers.

As your friendly neighborhood tavern, we feel that it’s our duty to provide the best venue (besides a stadium) for Tampa Bay sports fans to enjoy the game. Here are the top 4 reasons to catch a game at The Galley.

1.  We Always Run (and Root for) the Home Team

With all the snowbirds making the move to Florida, it can feel that sometimes there’s more Yankees fans than Rays fans in St. Pete. Still, we show our true colors giving by priority to our home teams. So if you’re a diehard Tampa Bay fan and there’s a game on, you can guarantee that we’ll always have it running for you. Plus, The Galley is an establishment ran by Tampa Bay fans for Tampa Bay fans. For any newcomers in the area, we’ll gladly accept applications for adopting your new home teams.

2. Game Day Specials

We don’t need some kind of giant playoff to offer specials during games. No matter how big or small the game is, there’s always a good reason to get to The Galley. From discounted beer buckets, like at War on I-4 this past Black Friday to our all you can eat King Crab legs during select Bucs games.

And speaking about refreshments…

3. The Beer Selection (and drink selection in general)

Is there anything more American than sipping on a domestic beer and watching the pigskin getting tossed? Well, that’s a open-ended question, but when it comes to our draft selection, we’re armed to the teeth. If you’re a craft beer connoisseur or enjoy the simplicity of a Bud Light, we’ve got you covered. We also won’t judge you for enjoying Bud Light.

As for imports, we’ve got a wide variety of beers coming from locations such as Ireland, Wisconsin, and Tampa. And yes. If it’s not brewed in St. Pete, we consider it an import here.

On top of this, we’ve also got full-liquor bar, cocktails, and wines to suit your fancy.

4. The Apps

Beer, wings, and sports are a holy trinity on their own. The same also goes for nachos…cheese fries…and fish spread…and mini corn dogs…and many more things. The point is, our appetizer menu is loaded finger foods, and one’s that you’re not going to find at just any run-of-the-mill sports bar. Where else can you watch your favorite team while splitting an order of gator nuggets, calamari, and fried avocado?

Also worth nothing: Besides having a designated driver or safe ride home, make sure you designate one hand for wings and the other for your drink. You don’t want things to get messy.

Stay Up to Date

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