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Galley Custom Cocktails

Every bar should have the cocktail staples. You have your martini, whiskey sour, gin and tonic, mint julep, and the list goes on. This is just the main fleet. It’s their custom cocktails that is the real flagship. These are the drinks that are not only exclusive to that bar, but they also make a statement about the atmosphere and what the establishment is all about. It’s their own mark on the art of mixology.

We don’t want to downplay the rest of our selection though. At The Galley you can get anything from a Natural Light to bottle of Groth 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon. We just want to give you a run of these custom cocktails that are inspired by St.Pete and the rest of Tampa Bay.

Shave & A Haircut

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Coca Cola, Guinness served over ice with mint garnish

Sure. Rum and coke are a common go-to as far as cocktails go.That’s just the shave.Throw in a smooth, creamy dark beer like Guinness along with some mint and you have the whole package. With this cocktail, you get the spice of rum, the sweetness of coke, and the full bodied flavor of a stout to balance the two. If you’re a rum and coke person, but aren’t a fan of the acidity, this is will be your new favorite.

Plant City Smash

Stoli Premium Vodka, Strawberry Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice, Basil topped with soda

Are Smashes Juleps? There may never be a definitive answer to this question. Are they a refreshing cocktail that can be enjoyed in the most humid days of Florida? Of course. This definitely applies to our Plant City Smash. We’ve thrown in a taste of strawberry we give tribute to America’s winter strawberry capital. About ¾ of this country’s midwinter strawberries come from  just 50 minutes northeast of us.

Old Fashioned Rummy

Papas Pillar Aged Rum, Florida Cane Sugar, Bitter Truth Orange Bitters, FILTHY® Black Cherry, Orange Bitters

The Old Fashioned has made a comeback in recent years (we’ll take a wild guess that Mad Men had something to do with this). Its original maker was a bartender by the name of James E. Pepper in Louisville, Kentucky. He worked at The Pendennis Club and had a leaning towards bourbon as any Kentucky gentleman should. Our version of this drink has rum to suit the sailor in you, but it’s loaded Florida cane sugar and citrus as a nod to our home.

Daily Grind

Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey, Made with Coffee Cold Brew Syrup, Bitter Truth Chocolate Bitters,  FILTHY® Black Cherry

Whiskey raises spirits. Coffee raises us out of bed. The two have strong tastes by themselves, but have always made great a pair as Irish Coffee. Think of the Daily Grind as a cousin of this drink, but with a leaning towards the cocktail end of the spectrum. With cold brew syrup, chocolate bitters, and FILTHY Black Cherry, we want to give you an extra punch of flavor with an old familiar.

Blueberry Thyme Margarita

Milagro Tequila, Elderflower, Blueberry Syrup, Thyme, Sea Salt

Oranges and strawberries aren’t all what Sunshine State provides. South Florida is actually a major supplier of this country’s blueberries. For many years, if you travel up the west coast you can attend the Blueberry Festival in Brooksville. Mexico is just a gulf away, and although a certain songwriter made margaritas synonymous with vacations in the Keys, we wanted to put a Floridian spin on this classic.

Sailor’s Painkiller

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Pineapple, Florida OJ, Créme of Coconut, garnished with fresh grated Nutmeg and a Pineapple Wedge

Cocktail aficionados hail the Painkiller as the apology for the Piña Colada (there’s nothing wrong with liking a this drink or getting caught in the rain). What isn’t as well known about the Painkiller is that it’s a patented recipe by Pusser’s Rum. Really? A patent on a cocktail? The Painkiller’s home in the West Indies and there’s no doubt that the Caribbean has influenced Florida culture, cuisine, and libations. So we’ve taken this classic, put in some Sailor Jerry Rum and fresh Floridian OJ.

A Florida Tavern Serving Florida Cocktails

Cocktails aren’t just “fancy drinks.” They’re a culture with an extensive history. Our aim with these beverages is to bring out old favorites, but with an appreciation of our home. You can get that gin and tonic, rum and coke, or whiskey sour anywhere. It’s here that you can get something that shows a bit of local pride and lifts your spirits as well.

Stop by your neighborhood bar, The Galley, and let us mix you one.

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